Savoring the five senses

A space to appreciate the aesthetic of OGATA-style cuisine: a contemporary reinterpretation of Japanese home cuisine and regional specialties. In an inviting atmosphere at the counter encompassing the open kitchen, the dishes served here bring out the best of the premier quality ingredients. OGATA – a complete culinary experience to be appreciated with all five senses.

Lunch menu

Assorted appetizers / Main dish / Rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables / Dessert

65 €

Discover the sabō

Accompany your dessert with an exceptional tea
in our sabō (tea room)
Supplement 25 €

Dinner menu

Starter / Kobachi / First dish / Second dish / Kamado meshi

120 €

Starter/ Sashimi / Owan / First dish / Second dish / Kamado meshi / Dessert

170 €

The theater of the seasons

In the serenity of a private room, an exclusive menu is served.
A sophisticated cuisine reflecting the passage of the seasons, for an intimate experience.
Our private room is available by reservation only.

Privatization fees
Lunch: 250 €/ up to 8 people
Dinner: 500 €/ up to 6 people

Refinement within each drop

Our house cocktails are based on the five basic flavors (spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet). In addition to the extensive range of carefully selected alcohol, we offer classic cocktails, seasonal cocktails and liqueurs made from tea, plants and fruit. A moment of plenitude curated by OGATA.

Customers without reservations at the restaurant are invited to consume an otōshi of 8 euros. Customers under 18 years of age are not allowed to enter the bar.
All prices include service and tax.